Creating The Security Checkpoint of the Future with Bill McGann

Episode Summary

The security checkpoint of the future is here. To talk about it and how the passenger experience will be enhanced is Bill McGann, Chief Technology Officer for Leidos’ Security Detection & Automation operation. Key takeaways: What the checkpoint of the future looks like How passenger experiences in security checkpoints can be improved The touchpoints that will enhance the passenger experience Creating a frictionless travel experience

Episode Notes

We are entering a new age of air travel, and the security checkpoint could look much different with new technology advances. 


To talk about what technology is and has been implemented in airports to protect and support travelers is Bill McGann, Chief Technology Officer for Leidos’ Security Detection & Automation operation.

Leidos acquired L3Harris Technologies’ Security Detection and Automation businesses in May, and now offers a comprehensive suite of fully automated and integrated security technology solutions for aviation, ports and borders, and critical infrastructure customers around the world.

In today’s episode of MindSET, we focus on airports and how our portfolio will help facilitate safe, healthy, and efficient passenger movement and enhance the passenger travel experience. 

Why is Bill the best person to talk about this? Having worked in the arena for over 30 years, you can hear his passion for the subject when he talks. 

“You've always got to lean forward and look ahead and never let the current events in the world stop you. And that is the vision that I know the team I work with in Leidos has and we're generally really excited.”

This is an incredibly enlightening episode, not just because the subject is pertinent to all of us, but because the technologies that Bill discusses aren’t in the distant future, some of them exist in operation today at current checkpoints around the world. 

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